Recent Question/Assignment

Project 2
Brian Ellis, aged 57, has been driving for a taxi company for 14 years. He considers that he is a competent driver.
He has not been involved in any major accidents and believes that his trip times reflect efficiency and good driving skills.
However, the company recently conducted a client satisfaction survey. The results of the survey showed that the clients who responded felt uncomfortable with the speed and potential danger of Brian’s driving. Brian is unlikely to accept his driving skills need to be changed and he needs to learn new skills. How would you, as a manager, deal with a situation like this?
Although Brian is a long-term employee, the survey demonstrates a poor level of customer service skill. How would you approach this problem and what learning and development activities and materials could you possibly recommend? As his manager, how will you support Brian to make the necessary changes?
Also consider aspects of business operations, such as:
anti-discrimination legislation
ethical principles
codes of practice
health and safety