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Task 1 — Research Project

This assessment task requires you to conduct research to identify and communicate career trends. You will need to interact professionally with others in assessing career needs, to effectively assist clients identify competencies they require for a career and employability in a given context. It also examines how to maintain quality of career development services and professional practice.
Specifically, you will develop a research paper that will:
research and analyse current economic, labour market, employment, career and vocational, educational and training trends identify choices and career development needs for individuals and target groups within a given context report and document management of research and career development materials comply with all relevant local, state/territory and national legislation, policies and practices.
In order to conduct the research in context, the research must be conducted with reference to a
specific workplace and specific target group within that organisation. Your research may include:
evaluations of existing products focus groups informal discussions jut-erne.txes.earr.h., interviews literature reviews

professional communication mechanisms such as physical and electronic journals, professional newsletters, peer networks. subscriptions questionnaires workshops
and in your examination of the workplace processes and approach to career development, you should identify relevant worker •and employer issues and these may include:
awa rds certified agreements contract work and self-employment enterprise bargaining occupational health and safety terms and conditions
unions work choices
Taking into account major changes and trends in careers development encompassing local and global causes relating to:
economic political social
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The research paper should conclude with recommendations to the organisation, which include:
adequate resource needs of the career development service are provided suitable careers counselling methods to be applied compliance with regulatory, professional and organisational standards identification and removal of any gaps in career counselling services implementation of effective conflict resolution where required range of choices and advice able to be offered relevance, currency and appropriateness of services provided to individuals satisfaction of needs associated with a specific context and target group
Throughout the paper and within the proposed recommendations ensure that relevant policy, legislation, professional codes of practice and national standards are adhered to, including:
competency standards copyright and privacy laws relating to physical materials and electronic technology licensing plagiarism security of information

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