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Word count: 4500 words
For this assignment you will create a narrative reflection on your experience as a migrant who is seeking work as a teacher in New Zealand. The assignment should include the following:
• A reflection on your existing qualifications and training in India, i.e. the processes for qualifying as a teacher and the nature of the training;
• An explanation of the process for you as a new migrant in getting your qualifications recognised in New Zealand, and analysis of this process drawing on your previous reading on the requalification of migrant professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand;
• Reflection on differences you notice between primary schools in New Zealand and India, including your understanding from reading and from visiting schools;
• A statement on the kind of teacher you think you will need to be to work in New Zealand schools, and how it might be the same or different from the teacher you were in India.
You can present this work in any of the following formats, but whichever one you use you must use formal and grammatically correct English and include references to reading throughout, in addition to narrative of your experience.
• Diary
• Letter writing
• Story writing
• Essay
The criteria for assessment are as follows:
• Includes a defined and justified topic.
• Literature is used appropriately and is of relevance to the topic.
• Development of a critical analysis and discussion of the implications for education practice.
• Meets expectations for academic writing.

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