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Information for MARK804 - Wollongong
Welcome to Principles of Marketing with the Sydney Business School. This document is a short version of what you need to know for this class.
Each week you will have the below questions due. These questions should be 15-30 lines in length (roughly 200 – 400 words in length). They are due via an online submission through your Moodle site. They will be checked via TURN-IT-IN which is a plagiarism checker. Anything over 20% will not be marked so if this happens resubmit your work immediately after correcting any issues.
Anything you turn in must be in your own words but still referenced. We use HARVARD referencing and for those of you who are new to referencing there is information on Moodle on how to do it. Rule of thumb, if you got the information from somewhere else you should reference. This includes in-text as well as a reference list.
The most important thing to remember for anything that you turn in is that you answer the question using a formal and academic style of writing. There are many resources on the UOW library as well as your PASS leader who can also help you with this.
Weekly questions due online:
For questions due week 3
Using Chapter 2 as your guide, and identifying the sources that you use, answer the following questions:
1. The marketing mix helps influence consumer demand. Using the extended marketing mix, explain how Quicksilver uses each of the variables to help increase market demand.
For questions due week 4
Using the Australian company REPLAS ( and identifying the sources that you use, answer the following questions:
1. Explain who REPLAS is and what they are trying to achieve.
2. Explain the company's macroenvironment (each element) and explain how the demographic environment has helped REPLAS achieve success.

Week 3 and Week 4 only

Week 3: Editable MS Word Document
Word Count: 482 words including References

Week 4: Editable MS Word Document
Word Count: 436 words including References

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