Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1
Written or Oral Questions
1. Draft and review a communication management plan for a project you have
just completed or plan to complete including all modifications, changes and
improvements. (10 marks)
2. Identify the project management information system you used or might use
during this project and suggest ways it could be improved. (10 marks)
3. What alternative communication methods and media applications could you
use during your project that you might not already have considered? Why did
you not consider them previously? (5 marks)
4. Select a specific/appropriate information and communication processes
to be used in a project of your choice. Write a detailed communication
management plan which specifies exactly how communication will take place
across the project and throughout your team’s hierarchy. (10 marks)
5. Create a project information system and test it to ensure that it will work –
and be useful – for the project that you are working on. This system should
be able to store, retrieve and organise information, and must be easy to use
by all members of your team. (10 marks)
Total Marks: 45