Recent Question/Assignment

Write a summative paper on seminal theories of governance and stewardship that inform effective organizational leadership in non-profit or for profit organizations. Your assertions should be supported with a minimum of ten scholarly sources from the literature. The paper, written entirely in the third person per APA 6 format requirements and supported by appropriate theories and research, incorporating biblical/ ethical principles, should include:
• an introduction;
• a discussion of key theories of governance that have contributed to organizational effectiveness in general (a minimum of three theories should be discussed;
• contributions of stewardship theory in general to effective governance in non-profit and for-profit organizations;
• a discussion of the relationship of a leader’s values and beliefs to effective governance in organizations;
• a conclusion
GUIDELINES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT have to write briefly about three thories and then choose one from them to elaborate properly for non profit organization or for profit organization (Choose one organization between non profit and for profit)
2. well researched and well informed , using relevant academic sources
3.Additional,non-academic sources (if ANY) are used effectively to illustrate the urgument
4. linking up different ideas
5.try to use journal articles from the website of an organization only for urgument
6 structure should be good
7.Argument :- try to use recent articles( in last 5 years)
8. simulation should be below 10%
9. References should be genuine and in APA format
10. you should also write appendices
11. this paper should be 100% plagiarism free