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The purpose of this task is to propose innovation. solutiC3in to address a corpoi corporate social responsibility do,- susta industry by renewing a. firms current
To -write this report, -17,z)llow the process_ innovation model) outlined below:
i. Choose and outline one company rel on Week 8s material) pertaining
26, corporate social responsilbilit ID)A. sustainability challenge or pr c) _ikrt industr-y challenge or prolblE
2_ oCreatiNTely propose a leading edge si -using creative idea gerteratir31-1tCc el/idler-ice the process) and by dra. ideas.
3_ ,A,ccurately and relevantly apply the outline how you -vs., mi it implerner including outlining:
The iono-v-ation. action plan, current approach, change re( innovation and enhancing et
b. -The leaclership needed aria et irripleirrientatickia.
The irinurvation implernen_tati structure, systems arid inners.;
-1-c, summarise, you will write a. report solution to address aiCSR-_, sustairiabili industry as -well as how the solution NAT: will need te e?cplairi the challenge and it-trio-vatic-2,n model, pro-vide an action pl will be required for the solution and he implemented_
This is an indi-vidual task (2,500 NA/Ford: de.monstrate your ability to propose an social responsibility / sustainability the relevant material in this course.

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