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Big Ideas in Business
Individual Essay (30%)
Due Date: Sunday 9 June 2019, 11:55pm.
Assessment Weight: 30%
Word Limit: 1,500 words
Submission Format: MS Word document
Submission Method: LMS TurnItIn submission link
Academic Integrity: Submit a signed individual cover sheet appended to your essay.
“When it comes to privacy and security, I’m reminded of folks who drive to the airport without their seat belt on and then worry about the plane crashing.
Planes do crash on very rare occasions but not nearly as often as cars. And when driving, there are things you can do to increase your safety, whereas when flying, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself but we do rely on the airline industry and government regulators to do all they can to protect us.
Likewise, when we’re online, there are things we can control and things we can’t. For example, we can control the passwords we use and what we say in social media. But sometimes we’re victims of other people’s carelessness or malice, such as when a service or a retailer gets hacked or a government employee loses a briefcase containing a laptop with people’s unencrypted personal information.
And then there are those other privacy breaches that result from deliberate policies of service providers and advertising networks to harvest user information for a variety of purposes, ranging from targeting advertising to conducting market research.”
Larry Magid, (2013), “Online Privacy and Security is a Shared Responsibility: Government, Industry and You”, Forbes,
12 February 2013.
Compare and contrast the respective roles and responsibilities of the Australian government, businesses and individuals in maintaining data privacy.
Big Ideas in Business
Your piece of writing will be assessed according to the following rubric.
Exceeded Met Not met
Argument and context 6
There is one clear, wellfocused proposition or
argument. Main ideas are clear and are well-
supported by detailed and accurate information, correctly cited. 3
There is one clear, wellfocused proposition or argument. Main ideas
are clear but are not well-supported by
detailed information or are not correctly cited. 1
The topic and/or main ideas are not clear.
Structure 6 3 1
The introduction is inviting, states the main
proposition or argument
and provides an overview of the paper. Information is relevant and presented in a logical order. The conclusion is strong. Uses basic essay structure with an
introduction, middle and conclusion. There is no clear introduction, structure, or conclusion.
Grammar and vocabulary 6
All sentences are wellconstructed and have varied structure and length. There are no
errors in grammar and/or spelling. 3
Most sentences are wellconstructed, but they
have a similar structure
and/or length. There are several errors in
grammar and/or spelling which do not interfere with understanding. 1
Sentences sound awkward, are
distractingly repetitive, or are difficult to
understand. There are
numerous errors in
grammar and/or
spelling which interfere with understanding.
choice 6
Vivid use of words and phrases. The choice and
placement of words seems accurate, natural, and not forced. 3 Words chosen communicate meaning clearly, but the writing lacks variety. 1
Limited range of vocabulary. Jargon or
clichés may be present and detract from the meaning.
Critical analysis 6
The author demonstrates a detailed understanding of the topic and related
sources and the ability to
compare and contrast the relative roles and
responsibilities as requested. 3
The author demonstrates some
understanding of the topic and related
sources but limited
ability to compare and contrast the relative
roles and responsibilities as requested. 1
The author does not demonstrate a clear
understanding of the topic and related
sources, nor the ability to compare and
contrast the relative roles and
responsibilities as requested.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1891 words including References


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