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Topic: Significance of SUMOylation in cancer and potential for therapeutic targets in this area
Assessment Task 6 Literature Review
Students will prepare a 1500-word literature review on an assigned topic.The literature review should include a minimum of ten (10) experimental scientific papers and should use Endnote to manage the references (due semester study week,
Clear section headings
Logical order of sections
Clear and consistent formatting
Figures are clear
Figures are original or adapted (not copied)
Referencing is EMBO J. or JACS
Conclusions make sense (relative to the
literature you have written about)
Proofread / spellcheck / grammar check /
Make sure you have used experimental
evidence to support your claims
• Make sure your evidence is coming from
experimental papers (primary sources) not just
from review articles (secondary sources).
• Use figures (but make them clear!)
• Your conclusion could be a simple summary OR justification of your point of view
• Include future directions (with experimental detail)

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