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Students will work in groups of four or five. Each group will explore possible situations/ challenges/ opportunities in their own organisations, industry, or area of interest, that could benefit from the application of Applied Creativity & Innovation. Each group will then decide on a focus statement for this project. Over the semester, students will work on this selected project, working through the different stages of the Applied Creativity & Innovation model outlined in this course, applying a variety of Deliberate Creative Thinking techniques.
The group's work will be evaluated on a 25 minute oral presentation and submission of their supporting written team project report. Students are encouraged to use creative processes in this presentation and to make the session an enjoyable and enlightening learning activity for all the class members. Presentations are expected to be professionally delivered and accompanied by appropriate graphical material (PowerPoint slides, overheads, video clips, whiteboard demonstrations, hand-outs, etc.)
The presentation and written report should:
(1) Describe the starting challenge in the chosen situation of your group, identify the methods used to better establish and define this problem, and clearly show the project focus.
(2) Describe exploration and idea generation methods and techniques applied to your identified problem, and show what was found during exploration, and the ideas generated.
(3) Describe methods used for evaluating and developing the ideas generated into possible solutions, and show the results, outcomes, solutions, designs, or strategies developed, including any possible recommendations.
(4) Include some reflection on the strengths and limitations of the methods / techniques used in your project.
(5) Include copies of supporting documentation that show the group's work and application of creative techniques (e.g. Mind Maps, ideation notes, photos, visual representations, and a copy of any PowerPoint slides.
In addition each student is to submit an individual reflection report on what they gained, learnt, found challenging, etc.

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