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HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing
HLTENN009 Implement and monitor care for a person with mental health conditions
Written Assessment Student Copy

Instructions to students
Welcome to the written assessment. To successfully complete the assessment requirements, you need to follow the following instructions.
Step 1
Read the study guide and the related resources.
Step 2
Read this assessment to gain an understanding of what you need to do to complete the unit. Talk to your trainer or supervisor and ask for help if you need to.
Step 3
Complete all questions in this assessment. Please write clearly in pen (not pencil). You may attach printed answers if you prefer. Do not remove any pages from this assessment.
Step 4
Complete the cover sheet and attach to this assessment. We recommend you make and keep a copy of your assessments.
Step 5
Submit for assessment.

This assessment is undertaken in the nursing home under supervision by a Registered Nurse. You must be found competent in a formative assessment in the clinical laboratory. You will be required to complete the organisations documentation and attach a copy to this assessment. Ensure that there is no identifying information on the documentation.
Assessment Instructions:
Students are required to prepare a case history for a client with a mental health diagnosis who you have provided care for.
Student Instructions
Examine the questions that you must answer before deciding on your client to ensure that your choice is appropriate. Your answers must be based on the scope of practice of an Enrolled Nurse.
Word Limit: 1000 words
Answer the following questions in your essay.
Question 1
Gain permission to use the client for their case study and write an explanation as to why you need to do this. Discuss your responsibilities as an EN in relation to Professional Standards and the Mental Health Act.
Question 2
Identify the reason for your client’s admission. Outline the client’s nursing assessment and health assessment findings and how you will assist the client and the family or carer in therapeutic interventions. How will you ensure that the client and the family or carer have an understanding of the care? Undertake a risk assessment for the client using the nursing homes risk assessment tool.
Question 3
Discuss the holistic care that the client has received (based on a biopsychosocial model of care). Discuss the interdisciplinary approach that has been implemented and the role the Enrolled Nurse has had in the interdisciplinary team eg developing in conjunction with the RN the nursing care plan, attending meetings, making referrals. Identify the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health care that the client has accessed.
Question 4
In your own words, discuss the any pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of the health problem/s your client actually presented with. Use appropriate medical terminology and reference your answer.
Question 5
In your own word discuss the potential complications that may arise for your client in relation to the symptoms and health problem on admission. Your answer must examine the physical, psychological and psychosocial aspects of your client’s care needs.
Question 6
In your own words discuss what care you as the EN can provide to minimise the risk of occurrence of the complications you identified above.
Question 7
Identify and describe any medical procedures or diagnostic tests that were performed. Give a definition of these.
Question 8
Discuss how you contributed to the care planning for this client, and ensured that spiritual, cultural, individual needs were met.
Question 9
List the nursing interventions your client required. In your answer include effective communication skills such as negotiation, active listening, non-verbal and verbal communication
Question 10
Choose two (2) of these nursing interventions to detail further.
A) Justify the use of the intervention.
B) Explain the process that you took to complete this intervention safely and within legislative and organisational guidelines.
C) How did you support your client during the completion of these interventions?
Question 11
Discuss your role in relation:
A) To documentation
B) To the use of care plans
C) Rehabilitation/Recovery orientated care
Question 12
Identify and discuss at least two health education topics you would be required to discuss with this client.
Question 13
Identify and discuss the planning needs of your client.
Referencing and layout
Include a reference list and use in-text referencing as required. Take care not to copy sections from other sources – paraphrase all information and then note the source as an in-text reference. This assessment is to be typed and attached to this assessment with the documentation.

Assessor Feedback
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1488 words including References

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