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Individual Assessment
50% weighting for the subject.
Length: 3,000 to 3,500 not including references, and appendices.
The Human Resource Management individual portfolio aims to provide you with the opportunity to critically evaluate three issues related to HRM functions, practice and strategies and discuss and report on effective HRM management approaches from an organizational perspective. This assessment task should be started and developed over the course of the semester; however, it is to be submitted in full in Week 10.
Context: You are assuming the role of a Human Resource Management professional working for a major organization (with over 5,000 employees). In this organization there are a range of competitive market pressures being experienced. Importantly, the organization recognizes that its people are its greatest asset so you have been tasked to write a report that identifies three critical challengesthat will impact on an organizations people and the associated Human Resource (HR) Programs provided and planned for the future.
1. Select an organization from the list provided by your Lecturer
2. Select THREE critical challenges, selecting ONE from each of the chapter groupings below
• Chapters 2-4
• Chapters 5-7
• Chapters 8-11
3. Research and critically review how each of your three selected challenges would impact on the future implementation of an organizational HR Program.
4. Compile your three critical reviews of your selected three chapter challenges into a summary report format that includes an:
a. executive summary,
b. analysis of the literature,
c. summary of key findings,
d. recommendations/ideas/solutions for dealing with the challenges.
BX2051 –Assessment 3, Organizations List