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The topic is about NAB royal commision
* Introduce 4 chatacters
1) Old coustmer who completely has faith in nab.
2).New employe who dosent know about the fraud happening in the bank.
3)Old employe who knows the fraud but supports the bank and followed rules of higher authority of bank.
4)Bank supervisor who supports the banks and focus on commisons rather than customers
The role play should be a old aged coustmer comes to bank for a loan then a newly joined employe will asist the coustmer, he will be suprised by seeing the commision rate, then new employe will be confused to go head according to bank cominission but felt that he should stick to his bank ethics by not charging high commision rate then he smoothly refuses coustmer to come tommrow so that he can discuss with other employes.
Then he goes to old employe then explain what had happened then old employe will tell that even we know that we are doing wrong but we cant do anything as employers, then new employe will argue that you people might follow fraud rules of higher authority but I cannot do such unethical practices.
Then he consults the bank supervisor regarding this issue, then there will be a argument between new employe and bank supervisor regarding the unethical issues where here new employee will argue that he cant work in bank which follows unethical practices
At last bank supervisor will convince with the arguments made by new employee and he promise to the new employee to take the issue to higher authority.
we need 800 words of senirio explaining the NAB history & royal commision
(short discription) and over all role play in scrip format with out concluding the result putting audience in dilemma.
we need 1500 words of role play with in normal laungauge so that we can perform in class .

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2318 words including References

Topic: NAB Royal Commission

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