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You need to answer these four questions 3000 words
You need follow the following pattern not exatly same but you need to do same ( if you copy the same pattern you there is chance of high similarity)
You need to study the following below pdf ‘s of classes and you need to write
NOTE the shoud not be any qoutes in intro and need atleast 20 references
Your task is to produce a report that describes you grouth or journey showing how your treading participation in onlinw work and reflection have shaped shaped your view of what leadership is and isn’t. it can incorporate any reflections you may have noted during or following a class
You will need to:
1) Demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which reflection is defined and understood academically.
2) Describe how the various class activities have shaped your understanding of yourself and others and the effect this is having on your capacity to lead, as well as to follow.
3) You must in some way connect or relate your reflection to the readings assigned throughout the course. You must reference at least 10 academic articles as well as making use of the textbooks on topic of leadership. These references must be cited correctly.
4) Describe other experience that you consider relevant to describing how your thoughts and views of leading and leadership have emerged, or remained constant, for example, any, work place experience such as restructure, change of manager, or significant change that affected your employees, or your employment, or your life circumstances generally.
Overall Documentation and presentation:
It is up to you how you present it. You might wish to use the sub headings as above. I am more concerned about the how of the arguments, the balance of theory and practice, the self-reflection that you may have undertaken.
Firstly, this reflective report will discuss how my definition has evolved from week 1 to week 10.
Secondly, this reflective report will discuss what I have learned during this subject, that is beneficial to myself and my current and future work a leader and what additional leadership skills I need to develop.
Thirdly, this reflective report will discuss how my class readings, class activities, discussions and YouTube videos have helped me to understand and apply leadership concepts to my life and with that results in improved performance.
Fourthly, this reflective leadership report will critically discuss where I will access leadership and development programmes so that I may continually improve my leadership skills throughout my working life.
Paragraph 1
This paragraph will examine what was my definition of leadership week one and how my definition of leadership has evolved over the last 11 weeks.
In week 01 I believed leadership are ………
However, my insights was changed to how belive that leadership maybe …….
Be a directive leader that could pass yourself to someone that could do much better work.
In week 2 and 3, I learnt from x (year), that the key theories of leadership are xx that argues that ………
In week 4 to 6, I havelearnt from Y (year) that leders are born or unturned relesting in …….
(Mahatma Gandhi, Hilary Clinton, Kennedy)
Hilary Clinton was born in a leadership family but did not develop leadership skills.
I also learnt from B (year), that effective leadership are respected and trusted because of the values and code of ethics such as
In week 09, I learnt from X the videos …... that women leadership confronted by the double loop of ……… whereas male leaders are not …… “Confronted of the sexually and competence”.
Banks and managers – do not have code of ethics. (Banking and financial sector)
In week 05, I have learnt from C (year) that the 5 components of how a leader builds an effective culture. For example …
Paragraph 02
Secondly, this reflective report will discuss what I have learnt and has been beneficial to myself and my current and future work as a leader, and what additional skill development I will need.
Firstly, I learnt from X (year) that it is beneficial for myself, my current and future work that I ……..
Secondly, I have learnt from Y (YEAR) that it is beneficial foe myself, my current and future work that I …….
In addition, I will develop my leadership skills of …… resulting in ……
In conclusion …..
Paragraph 3 (Intro 3rd element)
This paragraph will discuss how class readings, class activities …… discussions, articles and films have helped me to understand and apply leadership concepts in my current and future work place.
Firstly, by understanding the class activities of X I have learnt Y, ……. Enabling me to apply the new knowledge of x, resulting in …….
Secondly, by viewing the YouTube video entitled X, I learnt BB enabling me to apply the new knowledge of xx, resulting in ……
Thirdly, by reading the article entitled
In conclusion,
Fourth paragraph make it similar to the above paragarphs

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3744 words including References


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