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Hello there,
Please check out the attached instructions for presentation (Assignment 3). The presentation should be aligned with the work done in Assignments 1 & 2, these works are done by your experts only and copy of the work is also attached.
1. 12-15 min narrative presentation (No need to do the narration, just provide me the speaker's note so that I will do the narration and submit the work).
2. Minimum of 12 slides
3. Please give importance to organizational structure and chart of Adidas AG
3. Topics to concentrate are mentioned below
Organizational Theory and Research
Goals, Effectiveness and Structure
Strategy & Strategy Alliances
Sport Organization and Change
Power, Politics and Conflict
Culture and Decision Making
Thank you
4. Its due tomorrow at 2:00 PM, I have also sent a model presentation of my friend's work on Australian Grand Prix through WhatsApp, please forward that your expert for reference. Using this presentation as a reference, create a presentation for Our case adidas.

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slides Count: 15 slides with speaker notes at the bottom of each slide.

Topic Selected: ADIDAS AG

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