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BMA349 Advertising and Promotion | Assessment 3 Campaign Report
Information Sheet
Format: Written Report in Word, Arial or Calibri font, 12 point
Word Count: 2,500 to 3,000 words excluding references (+/- 10% allowed)
Due Date: Week 13, 5.00pm Friday 31 May 2019
Value: 50 marks
Assessment Information
Your pitch was successful and your agency has won the account. Congratulations!
Now you are required to detail your research, discuss the theories underpinning your decisions for the campaign and clearly present your proposed ideas for the campaign in a written report. Your report will be read by the client as the end-user.
Your report will provide much more in-depth information about the campaign and will use the ideas and research that informed your Assessments 1 and 2. You will also need to incorporate any feedback or suggestions provided by your Tutor and the Unit Coordinator, designed to improve your proposed campaign.
The report should be divided into main four sections each with subheadings as outlined below:
1. Target Market
Target Market
Select one target market to be the audience of your campaign. You have previously identified one or two target markets, as well as identifying some new target markets that may not have been obvious. The client has now requested you to choose the most valuable target market and design the campaign around this group.
Carefully describe this group using demographic and psychographic variables. Discuss the benefits of the shopping precinct for the target market, i.e. why do, or would shop/visit the precinct (e.g. behavioural segmentation)?
A brand’s position represents the key feature, benefit or image that it stands for in the target market’s collective mind. Positioning also includes a consideration of the competition. In this section discuss how you will be positioning the shopping precinct and present the tag line for the campaign Briefly discuss competing shopping areas (you might like to use a table or dot points listing strengths and weaknesses of the competition).
Communications Objectives
Taking into account your target market, clearly list three communications objectives for the campaign.
2. Creative Considerations
Creative Strategy
Describe the creative strategy. You will need to choose from: Functional
Orientation (unique selling proposition), Symbolic/Experiential Orientation (brand image, resonance OR emotional) OR Category dominance (generic OR pre-emptive).
The client has requested that you use an endorser for the campaign. You may choose from either a local ‘celebrity’ or ‘celebrities’ / well-known person/s OR use a typical person/s endorser (a typical person endorser may be a ‘real’ person or a cartoon character – this will depend on who your target market is of course! Discuss your selected endorser and justify your selection using the TEARS model. How will the endorser be featured in campaign?
Imagery and Colour
Briefly describe in general terms the main images and colours that will be used in the campaign. Discuss the colours selected and why they have been chosen.
3. Communications Tools
Describe which communications tools will be used in the campaign. Use two headings in this section: Traditional Media and New Media. Under each heading list the selected media (e.g. print) and vehicles (e.g. The Mercury) under each heading and why each has been selected for the campaign. Include acknowledgement of how the tools will be integrated to ensure that you are proposing an integrated marketing communications campaign.
4. Budgeting and Scheduling
Using a table, divide your campaign budget (100%) and assign a percentage to each of your selected media (not vehicles). Accompanying the table, provide a brief commentary about why you have allocated your budget in the selected manner.
Provide a table showing the duration of the campaign in weeks and months. On the left hand side provide the selected media and underneath each of the media list the specific vehicles. Then in the body of the table shade the areas to show when you will be using each vehicle. Accompanying the table, provide a brief discussion about the approach you have taken toward reach and frequency. In addition identify if you are using a continuous, pulsing or flighting schedule for each of selected media.
The report should be written in clear, distinct sections using the headings provided above (you may wish to also add in your own additional headings as appropriate).
The report requires a cover page (remember you work for an advertising agency so this page should be creative and compelling whilst still being professional). You will be required to provide a short introduction and a short conclusion.
You do NOT need to provide a contents page nor an executive summary.
You will need to support your campaign decisions based on advertising theory and concepts. A minimum of 10 academic references from relevant and contemporary academic literature sources (i.e. journal articles). It is expected that you would also cite other sources such as industry websites or publications, The Conversation website, etc. There is no minimum or maximum for non-academic sources. The textbook (and any other marketing or advertising textbook will be considered as a non-academic source for this assignment). You will need to use a consistent academic referencing style (i.e. Harvard).
It is acceptable to use an appendix for items such as photographs, mock-up advertisements, etc. This section will not count towards the word count but should be used for creative elements only.
Do not use coursework from other universities or another student’s work.
Good luck, work hard and I look forward to your final reports.
Warm wishes
Dr Louise Grimmer
BMA349 Advertising and Promotion Unit Coordinator

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2747 words including References

Note: It is based on previous assignments

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