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PRT 451 Principles of Software Systems
Assignment 1– 10%
Q1 Find an important application / software / system that can be useful for Northern Territory or Australia wide which you would like to build. Conduct a research and develop a business case stating why this project should be funded.
(Marks 10)
Q2. Find one functional requirements of the application you are developing and generate a structured test case scenario for that requirement. Find a tool that can be used for automatic test case generation that you can use to test the requirement. Run the tool to generate a test case of one of the requirements and explain the process of generation with screenshots.
(Marks 25)
Q3. Conduct a brief research on the ways of recording non- functional requirements in agile environment. Your research should include analysis of the techniques used for recording non-functional requirements.
(Marks 25)
Q4. Describe the software reuse process and describe the issue relating to using software reuse process in an agile development environment. What solutions exist for these issues? Give examples of some tools available to assist.
(Marks 20)
Q5. Summarise your plan how you are going to contribute to your group in the development of the systems based on your special skills (Data Scientist, IS, Cyber Security, Software Engineering). You should provide technical reasoning why your contribution is vital for the project.
(Marks 25)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1651 words including Screenshots and References

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