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1. Overview
This is a group based assessment that consists of two parts:
• Performance ranking at the completion of the HR on line simulation (Round 8 scores) (10%)
• A reflective report on your team's performance in the simulation, your team's learning and lessons for the future (20%, 2000 words, due 27th May).
2. General Background:
• This assessment involves students participating in an on line Human Resource Management simulation.
• You are assigned to manage the HR department of a
simulated company (a 5 star hotel) for a simulated period of two years.
• Everyone manages a different company, and each team competes with the other teams in the class to produce the best overall HR outcomes.
• Each student must make decisions each week on a range of HR areas and submit these on the simulation website.
• Each student must make weekly decisions, in accordance with the schedule below, covering the following areas:
o Wages, workforce demographics, recruitment and selection, training and development, other
programs/policies you could implement and
• Full details are set out in the Student Manual for the HR Simulation. Students should be fully familiar with the r•nntentc of the manual 'prior to the commencement of the
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the HR Simulation website (Interpretive Simulations, not Moodie) in the first week of classes.
• Students will then be able to practice the simulation in the first two weeks of semester in order to familiarise themselves with how the simulation works.
• The full Simulation (competitive rounds) will commence in Week 3 of semester as per the schedule below.
3. Requirements for facilitating the Learning Process
In order to gain the most benefit from the simulation, each student needs to be:
• fully familiar with how the simulation works prior to it commencement
• undertake a full analysis of the situation each quarter before making any decisions
• show the basis for each quarter's decisions
Therefore students MUST complete all of the required documentation for the simulation as it progresses.
The relevant forms can be found on the simulation website
Assessment Requirements
Completion of documentation is required as follows:
1. Case Discussion and Budget Allocation forms - prior to the commencement of Round 1
2. Goals and Strategies form prior to the commencement of Round 1
3. Motivating Employees, Training ROI, Demographic Analysis and Diversity Management forms - as early as possible, but no later than Round Two of the simulation.
4. Staffing, Forecasting Labour Requirements, Compensation, and Turnover cost forms - need to be completed for each decision round.
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5. Management Audit form after Round 4, and again after
Round 8
Although no specific marks are awarded for each of the
above forms, each of the above forms are integral to the
learning process in the simulation and MUST be
completed in order to PASS the simulation assessment.
Assessable items:
1. Each group will receive a mark for their overall Balanced
Scorecard result at the completion of Round 8 (22nd May).
2. For the Reflective Report, each group must submit a
report of approximately 2000 words Due date is Monday
27th May (11.59 pm).
The report must address the following questions:
• Outline the key elements of your HR plan
• Your firm's performance objectives and actual performance
and the extent to which the plan was achieved
• Based on your learning, explain the key success factors in
HR Management
• How you left the company positioned for the future
• Important -take-aways- from the simulation experience
The report is NOT to be simply a narrative of what
happened, it is a reflective critique. Answers to the
questions should include a mixture of objective
information drawn from your group's results in the
simulation, together with reflection on the event or
situation, and its implications (So what? What now?) How
should our group manage the event or situation in the
future? What is the justification for that? What
connections can be made beyond what happened?)
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