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Hello,I need just a transcript with 1200 words.You guys dont need to record anything, just write the transcript.The topic is -Motivation Concepts-The link gives to you guys an idea of how to do the transcript podcast.Introduction, development enumerating a few points and a conclusion. forget the reference list (Havard guide).Cheers

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Due Date: MAN201
Organisational Behaviour
Assessment 3 – Create a podcast
Week 12 (to be presented in class) Individual submission of Pdf copy of script uploaded to Turnitin Monday week 12

Assessment Description
Create a 10-minute individual podcast on a topic of your choice from lectures 5-11. You are to collaborate as a team in class on the topic of your choice in class and then create an individual podcast and submit as an individual.
1. Choose a specific question from topics covered from weeks 5 to 11
2. Search about how to create a podcast, you can use your phone recording and or many of the free open source tools.
3. Decide on the role/character approach you will adopt in your podcast. (eg. manager, employee, CEO, you can use a friend if you want to bring in more characters)
4. Write the script (You must upload your script to Turnitin). Make sure you discuss a relevant, current and interesting topic and integrate research.
5. Start recording your first podcast. Please see the rubric to see what is required.
6. We will listen to the podcasts in the class during week 12 as part of review and peer review your podcast with your classmates based on the rubric.
Criteria Fail Pass (grade 4) Credit (grade 5) Distinction (grade 6) High (grade 7)
Understanding of the topic Key points left out. No grasp of issues that faced the client. Over reliance on notes. Includes some issues but analysis glossed over. Team seemed uncomfortable to go beyond key facts. Includes all issues, analysis and recommendations but with little elaboration. Not integrated with theory or are not justified. Builds convincing argument showing how key issues, analysis and recommendations are integrated together. Builds convincing argument showing how all key points are integrated together. Uses examples to elaborate the key points and theory.
Introduction / Conclusion Introduction missing or underdeveloped. Audience has no idea what the presentation will be or was about. No conclusion.
Presentation just finishes. Limited clarity of purpose / overview. Highlights key issues but interpretation of these. Conclusion weak. Doesn’t tie in with what was introduced. Provides purpose for presentation, highlights and interprets key issues to be addressed but recommendation but not integrated. As for level below plus shows consistency between marketing problem identification and final
recommendations well established. Engaging conclusion clearly sums up presentation and relates back to the introduction.
Evidence of analysis No references to any sources. Suggestions/recommendations just seem appear. Steps used in analysis shown but little justification why or how these are used to develop recommendations. Background research and analysis of this is clearly identifiable.
Steps used are shown and some rationale for the development of recommendations provided. Evidence of extensive research and analysis: journals, prescribed text, other books, verified websites, primary research. Used references to justify analysis As for level below plus able to use references to back up claims and recommendations made. Recommendations clear come from the analysis of the project.
Organisation and creativity of the podcast No structure to the presentation.
Audience cannot follow sequence.
No introduction or conclusion. Apparent that group is not working well together. Group members missing (without valid reason) or not contributing. Ideas not focused. Audience may have difficulty following argument. Main points difficult to identify. No transition between key points. Awkward transition between speakers. Presentation appears to be done by individuals rather than group. Main ideas presented in logical manner. Flow of presentation may be awkward. Group members demonstrate that they have worked on presentation as a whole.
All group members take equal share in presentation. Main ideas presented in logical manner. Flow of presentation smooth between speakers. Shows that the group has worked collaboratively Ideas clearly organised so audience can follow easily. The purpose of the presentation is clear in all stages. Seamless transition between speakers.
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