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It is written how PCC will help for Leonard in nursing home where as this should be written how we can manage Leonard in community by giving him Protein and energy supplementation in elderly people at risk from malnutrition and risk of falls can be managed by attending him on community physical exercise use to write an essay and use for Nursing intervention. Essay is written in very general.(Review authors found 29 relevant trials from nine countries that recruited 13,766 people. These studies compared CGA with routine care for patients over 65 who were admitted to hospital. Most trials evaluated CGA that was provided on a specialised hospital ward or across several wards by a mobile team. The review shows that older people who receive CGA rather than routine medical care after admission to hospital are more likely to be living at home and are less likely to be admitted to a nursing home at up to a year after hospital admission.
We found no evidence that CGA reduces risk of death during follow-up at up to a year after admission, and we noted that CGA appeared to make little or no difference independence (whether patients need help for everyday activities such as feeding and walking).

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