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Length: 1500 words
Individual Assignment
For this assignment students are required to write a Case Study Report based on the following patient case study:
Patient profile
Mrs Betty White is a 76 year old Italian female, with poor English language skills, who has just been admitted to your medical ward as a direct admission from her General Practitioner (GP) for acute exacerbation of her existing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) following a bout of pneumonia. She has no known allergies. You are the Registered Nurse providing care for Mrs White.
• Osteoporosis
• Hypertension
• L total hip replacement 1997
• Long term ulcer on R lower leg
• Ex-smoker. 3 packs per day x 50 years
Social History
• Widowed
• One son – lives in Melbourne, sees Mrs White x 3 times per year. Was due to visit this week but had to cancel due to work commitments
• Currently living in own home utilising community nursing services x 3 times per week. Assistance with domestic chores and to attend dressings to leg ulcer
• Strong ties to the local Italian community who check on Mrs White daily
• Minimal exercise due to shortness of breath on exertion
• She is very thin and states she has no appetite
Objective data
• Spirometry – not attended. Machine broken at GP clinic
• CXR – not attended. Direct admission
• Blood tests – not attended. Direct admission
• RR – 26
• HR – 99
• SpO2 – 87% She is currently on 6L O2 via a Hudson Mask
• BP at GP clinic– 122/72
• Noted peripheral oedema
• Very productive cough
• Short of breath
• Extensive use of accessory muscles
• ECG – not attended
• She has not yet been seen by an admitting physician
• Coversyl 2.5mg Daily
• Spiriva x 1 daily
• Combivent x 1 daily
• Colecalciferol 800IU daily
• Fosamax 70mg weekly
• Panadol Osteo 1330mg TDS
This assignment will enable students to:
? Demonstrate their ability to outline patient’s health issue/s in order that the patient receive comprehensive, appropriate and timely care.
? Become familiar with the management of a patient with a chronic condition.
? Determine how the topic relates to professional nursing practice in Australia and will enable students to critically review the evidence that informs and underpins Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease management.
? Consider how evidence in the literature can inform and underpin nursing practice ? Further develop and utilise literature searching skills.
? Further develop academic skills in: academic writing, critical analysis, evaluation and referencing.
TASK: Case Study Report
PART 1: Patient Presentation
1. Introduction: Introduction: (100 words) You will provide a brief introduction explaining the content of this report and the scope of the discussion.
2. Aetiology of the Disease Process: In this section you must explain the pathology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This will include its risk factors generally and those found in the patients history. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking in linking clues found in her patient history and the information that you find in the literature. All information provided must be sourced from high quality literature.
PART 2: Nursing Care and Education
3. Nursing Care: You must critically discuss the clinical nursing assessment methods that you will use to assess this patient. You must also discuss the nursing management strategies you will use that are relevant to COPD symptom management. You will demonstrate how these strategies will improve patient safety and improve outcomes.
4. Education: Discuss the education you will provide to the patient about the management of her condition. You must demonstrate the techniques you will use to educate the patient and take into consideration issues that may act as a barrier to her communication.
5. All information must be supported with evidence-based research sources.
PART 3: Multidisciplinary Care
6. Discharge Planning: As a nurse you are required to understand the role of the Multidisciplinary Team and the health professionals that need to be involved in a patients’ care. Discuss and support with literature who is identified as an important member of the Multidisciplinary team, what role they will play and why this is important for the patient.
7. Conclusion: Conclude the assignment by summarising the content of the assignment and the role of the nurse in managing chronic disease.
PART 3: Reference List
Your assignment will also have a reference list at the end. Ensure all references that appear in the Case Study assignment are listed in your reference list.
The Case Report must include at least 5 reputable references to support your statements.
The articles will be no more than 5 years old.
Use APA 6th reference style.
Ensure the reference list is on a new page and they are listed in alphabetical order
The full APA 6th edition bibliographic details for each article and all headings are excluded from the total word count.
In-text referencing will be required for the section called “Relevance to Australian Nursing Standards” when making direct links to any of the NMBA codes, studies and guidelines.
Submitting your Assignment:
Formatting your Work: o Your assignment must be submitted via Turnitin from the link on the Blackboard learning site. No assignment will be accepted via email attachment. o It must consist of 1500 words. Excessive words will not be marked. A leeway of +/-10% total words will be acceptable. o You will need to use these Headings for each article’s annotation o Attach a Coversheet to the beginning of your assignment. This coversheet will be available from the blackboard learning site in the section called “Assessment Details.” Do not submit the coversheet as a separate document from your assignment. o Your assignments must be submitted as either Word documents (with .doc extension, or .docx). PDF / Note pad assignments will not be accepted. No handwritten assignments will be accepted. o Include either a Header or Footer with your name, student ID number and the page number
o Use size 12 Calibri font throughout the assignment o Use either 1.5 line spacing or Double spacing. o Do not use bullet points or lists, assignment must be written in academic writing .

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1803 words including References

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