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Assessment Task 3
Description of the task
For this assignment you are asked to investigate and report on one selected theorist, for example, Piaget or Vygotsky, explaining how his/her theory can be applied to a teaching context. In essence, how understanding of this theory of development facilitates teaching. You need to apply this to an example in an early childhood setting and a primary school classroom. In order to progress your professional development, it is important in this assignment to not repeat work completed for Assignments 1 and 2. You should select a theorist that you know little about at the start of your reading.
Steps to approach the task:
1. Take the Skill Development Academic Literacy Module 2. This is crucial to your assessment journey. The module will take you between 15-25 minutes
2. Select a theorist associated with child development. For example;
3. Describe the theory that has been developed by this theorist
4. Discuss how this theory can be applied in teaching situations in both;
An early childhood classroom (identify the age)
A primary classroom (identify the age)
5. Explain your rationale for using this theory in these teaching contexts
6. Check the rubric for the assignment to ensure that you have included all components of the task
7. Proof read your work to ensure that your work is grammatically correct and that you have correctly followed Deakin Harvard referencing procedures:
Skill Development 3: Academic Literacy
This is the third module in a series of three that you will undertake in this unit.
This module has been developed to help you navigate the world of academic articles – articles you will not only use in your studies, but also in your work as a professional educator.
Remember, each uses a real-world scenario (a hypothetical) to frame your learning.
Click here to access the module

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2546 words including References

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