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Project topic - Sandwich panel for construction of building partitions
You are required to investigation the potential for low-cost sandwich panelling as a construction material for use in residential housing.
Field to research is Environmental Engineering.(15-18 pages with Harvard referencing)
Topics include -
Material selection (natural source or manufactured product) – as a group project, we decided to use plaster of paris as our main product for the skin of the sandwich panel and recycled foam (cheap to buy and easy to find) as a core of the sandwich panel. We will mix coconut fibre with plaster of paris to give more strength and have to find the benefits of doing that. Gypsum is main product in plaster of Paris so basically writing about properties of gypsum in plaster of paris. The mix of both things will be laid on hard paper (used in construction) and that will be glued to foam with any adhesive material (Any glue and why we used this glue). Hence our sandwich panel is constructed and ready to be used in building partitions.
Properties of materials used in sandwich panel (Plaster of Paris, Coconut fibre, Hard Paper, Recycled foam)
Recycling- used materials can be recycled or recyclable and have no impact on environment (that’s what we have to write), how can we recycled those materials?
Foam- what are the advantages for using foam as a core material in panels.
Thermal and sound resistance- properties of gypsum as well as foam as if it can help reducing sound or thermal effects or is it fire resistant?
Environmental effects- any effects of using these products to environment. Are these products very expensive or rare materials. Include other environmental parameters as well. What will be impact of winters or summers on the panels?
How much it will cost to construct one sandwich panel of standard size available in market?
Any safety and design risk management
Mechanical Engineering (15- 18 pages with Harvard referencing)
Design –
- Loading capacity
• Mechanical Calculation
• Mechanical properties of sandwich panel for building partitions
• Mechanical Constraints
• Shear Stress on Sandwich Panel
• Normal Stress on sandwich panel
- Adhesive strength
- Failure modes
• Types of failure for Sandwich panel
• What is creep
• Creep of sandwich panel and core
• Type of Failure
• Failure of Skin
• Failure of Core
• Face sheet Cracking
- Building of frame structure for sandwich panel
- Production of Sandwich panel
• How to manufacture Sandwich panel ( we are using Plaster of Paris mix with coconut fibre and make a slurry and put on hard paper or cardboard paper and let them settle down and paste this material with recycled foam with the help of adhesive
- Maintenance and repair of sandwich panel