Recent Question/Assignment

The assignment is of environmental epidemiology, you have to make an assignment on following, the word limit is 2500 with APA REFERENCING
You are required to undertake an Environmental Health Risk Assessment (EHRA) for an environmental pollutant (of your choice) associated with a health outcome for a specified population using the following sub-headings:
The student is required to describe what is Health Risk Assessment for chemical pollutant
1. Research question (identify the PICO elements as appropriate)
2. Background information (including literature review) and justification for the environmental pollutant–health outcome relationship.
3. Methods (including problem/issue identification; hazard identification, dose-response and exposure assessment for the relevant population as appropriate)
4. Describe a strategy for the risk communication.
5. Conclusion.
I AM ALSO ATTACHING THE RUBRIC. FOLLOW THE RUBRIC TO MAKE ASSIGNMENT. Be as specific as possible in your responses, and use the number of marks allocated (given as a percentage, marking criteria below).
PLEASE BEWARE OF PLAGIARISM. I don't want any similarity