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Your task is to write a report that is a 12-month integrated marketing communication plan (IMC) to promote a non-profit organisation (NPO) also known as a charity. The plan needs to contain background information, market information, a brief overview of your creative strategy, the media strategy, the proposed budget and conclusions and recommendations.
First of all, you are required to select and research an Australian NPO. Prepare background information in terms of the NPO’s objectives, and any other relevant information, in order to create an IMC plan that helps it to meet the objectives. The chosen NPO may be a national organization such as the RSPCA, or a local organization such as the Blossoms Rescue in Orange, or even a local sporting club.
This is an academic report that follows a specific format as outlined below. Within your report, you must support your ideas with relevant theory from the textbook and academic sources (use at least the references from A2). That is, your analysis/arguments must be supported with academic references.
Each section of the plan needs to include relevant definitions and descriptions of the key theoretical points. You need to apply the theory to each element of the IMC plan in order to justify the choices you have made in compiling the plan. This will require you to research contemporary societal and market trends that may form the basis of your IMC strategy.
You will also need to include details of both the primary as well as any secondary market data. Creative and media strategies must be supported by a rationale based on theory. Conclusion and recommendations sections should not contain theory, but be an overview of your plan.
The report needs to contain the following information:
Executive Summary (not part of word count)
Present a detailed overview of the communication strategy stating purpose, methodology used, findings and recommendations. Dot points should be used for findings and recommendations.
Background of market and brand
Provide a brief overview of:
The non-profit organization (no more than ½ page)
Marketing objectives (what you want your campaign to achieve)
Describe and explain your target market (there can be more than one target segment)
Creative Strategy
A brief overview indicating which type of creative strategy you will use (e.g. unique selling proposition, emotional, pre-emptive) for your target market (images, mock ups etc.).
Media strategy
Strategic promotion tools mix (i.e. advertising, sales promotion, PR, personal selling, direct marketing)
Type of media (i.e. Broadcast, print, interactive, out-of-home)
Type of schedule (i.e. Continuous, flighting, pulsing)
Flowchart (an overview of your plan)
Reach goal (how many – just an educated estimate given the media choice)
Frequency goal (how often)
Timing goal (when)
Media budget
There is no set budget for this task and you do not need to research costings for your campaign. However, it is important to understand and for you to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of budgeting.
Define, describe and evaluate budget in this section and link to your marketing objectives stated above. Refer to P.17 of your text and discuss how BUTD budgeting would apply to your case.
Conclusion and Recommendations
This section sums up your whole plan. The key aspects of your IMC plan should be reiterated here. Be certain that your recommendations are relevant and realistic.

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