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Capstone report instructions
So you will need to reflect on a situation when you have worked in a team to complete either a work project, university project or sporting project and use the theoretical model of work group effectiveness to analyse your assignment team's effectiveness over the course of the project. Make sure that you illustrate your answer by applying the relevant aspects of the model to the specific activities that occurred in your team to justify and explain your answer. The Capstone is INDIVIDUAL only. 2200 Word Count. I have posted 3 articles under Assessment item 4 (Under Content) that you may want to consider in the course of planning your answer.
Three articles have been given to you on tuckmen’s model theory find the theory which best for you.. question is. Previously you have worked in group so how you worked in team or how other people have worked, need to answer any one.
But real thing is need to refer to Tuckman model and theory making diagrams explaining them comparative analysis. And give refrences.
Assessment Task 4: Capstone Essay Task Description Essay relating to the organisational level – individual work Criterion Number Criterion Description Measures I
1 Analyse and evaluate OB issues and apply theories, concepts and models.
2 Use theories, concepts and models to justify and defend understanding of topical Organisational Behaviour issues. LO2 Page 6 BMA547 Organisational Behaviour
3 Analyse and summarise academic literature in OB.
LO3 4 Apply specific aspects of OB theory from the analysis to real world examples.
LO3 5 Communicate in Australian workplace standard language, literacy and formats.
LO4 6 Use scholarly and disciplinespecific language and formats (including Harvard referencing).
LO4 Task Length 2200 Words Due by date 27 May 2019 by 4pm
via MyLO Submission Dr e submitted in class for the Hobart students only.