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2.4.2 Essay 2
Weight: 60%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: 24 May 2019
Submission: You will be required to submit the assignment online via Turnitin, in the unit's vUWS site, by the due date. No hard copy is required. No coversheet is required.
Length: 3,000 words minimum - 3,500 maximum
Curriculum Mode:
This assessment is designed enable students to show that they have integrated the learning about social determinants of health and are able to apply their knowledge in health policy practice. This assessment requires students to work back from a health problem. As in health practice, students are challenged to identify and understand the social determinants that lead to health problems in specific populations.
1) Choose one of the following health issues (You may propose an alternative health issue but approval must be
sought from your tutor):
- Racial/Religious Discrimination
- Drug Addiction/Substance abuse
- Domestic violence
- Diarrhoea/ Malnutrition
- Depression
- Suicide
- Road Accidents
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases
- Cardiovascular disease
2) Identify a particular population that is affected by this health issue (e.g. men, women, youth, retirees and senior
citizens, a racial or ethnic minority, LGBTQI community, lower SES groups). You may choose a combination of these as well (e.g. children from lower SES groups, Aboriginal men, low caste Indian women).
3) Describe your chosen health problem and state how it is affecting the population you have identified using evidence
from the literature
4) Identify and discuss the social determinants of the health problem for the population you have identified. You
must use evidence from the literature to support your discussion.
5) Describe a policy that addresses the health issue you have chosen
6) Identify the potential stakeholders that you would need to work with in order to address the social determinants of the health problem for this specific population to reduce the risk of these negative health impacts.
You will be assessed using the marking rubric below. It is strongly advised that you consult the marking rubric submitting your assessment to ensure you have completed all sections of the assessment. This checklist may also be helpful:
- Do you provide an introduction at the beginning that provides the content, context and map for the essay?
- Have you included a brief description of the health problem?
- Have you explained the extent to which the population is affected by the health issue? (Note you need to demonstrate that the population you have chosen is appropriate i.e. that this population is affected by the health problem more than the general population and provide evidence to support this).
- Have you explained, using the social determinants of health, why your population is vulnerable to the health issue?
- Have you identified the relevant stakeholders that would be required to address the health problem for this population and provided evidence to support your stakeholder recommendations?
- Have you provided evidence to support your various discussion points and position?
- Have you included a thoughtful conclusion?
- Note you must be concise in your discussion to ensure you do not exceed the word limit
1. Lecture and tutorial content.
2. Textbook and recommended readings.
3. Class instruction about how to do the assignment.
4. University Library: peer-reviewed literature from Library databases, books and other online sources.
5. Government and non-government organisation sites. Choose authoritative sites rather than potentially biased information from pressure groups, conspiracy theorists or those with a political or commercial interest. Be selective, not choosing only what is prominent or catchy.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3508 words including References

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