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here one more assignment in which I want help from you.
This assignment is our group assignment and you should make a assignment on company ORIGIN ENERGY. And its due date is in the Saturday of this week.
In this assignment you must b include financial performance and provide financial and investment advice to wealthy investor. This ass. requires our group to undertake a comprehensive examination of a firm's financial performance based on update financial statements of the Origin Energy company.
BACKGROUND :- Our group of investment analysts who work for a larg investment consulting firm based in Australia. Make a recommendation through our report to the investor whether and why they should or should not invest in the company.
Requirments:- obtain copies of annual reports including income statements, balance, and statement of changes in Equity, cash flows statements and notes for three financial year 2015-16-18. You can download these documents from the suggested web site using the firms's code. Example like BHP- for BHP Billiton company, etc. The assignment struture look like as below.,
1. Description of operation and comparative advantages of origin company.
2. Identify and conduct a trend analysis with two groups of financial ratios, including profitability and operating efficiency of the company.
3. Identify the marketable securities that are available in current assest of the company. Discuss using of these securities as an instrument for cash management by the company.
4. Perform a sensitivity analysis with data provided.
5. Identify and discuss the systemic risk and un-systemic risk that may affect performance of the company.
6. Calculate the dividend payout ratio and comment on the dividend policy of the chosen company through 3 years.
7. Recommendation letter.
This how my assignment, you should make it on ORIGIN ENERGY company. Can you do it please ??

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3194 words including Tables, Calculations and References

Company Selected: ORIGIN ENERGY

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