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utorial Notification
Dear Students, This is year 2 Project Management Unit. Your tutorials will be hand written assessments during your weekly classes and will be assessed for 2 marks per week for the next 10 weeks. Please note that missing classes will also imply that you miss out on doing the tutorials during the class and lose out the 20 marks allocated towards Tutorials. Your tutorials exercises will help you towards practicing project management skills and also write the project report for Project 1 case study. Regards Andrea
PM Methodology Write-upAssignment
Pick and choose a topic and write a report on one of the following Project Management methodologies
Project Management Methodology Assignment Topics
Spiral Model
LEAN Model
Dear Students, Please note that you will be asked to present your written assignment on project management methodology during the last 2 weeks. You will be required to create a few power point slides and know your topic well. you are expected to present your topic for 5 minutes. Your turn to present will be chosen randomly by the lecturer anytime during your scheduled lecture hours. Regards Andrea You will be assessed based on how well you know your topic, is the content meaty enough, ability to answer questions on the topic, etc.,