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1. Before you start the assignment, you must enter your 9-digit student ID in the -Background information- sheet (cell B3), shaded in green.

2. You are required to complete only the following 2 sheets:
Sheet 3: Consolidated Journal Entries, and
Sheet 4: Consolidated Worksheet
In each sheet, you can only enter data in the yellow shaded cells. All other cells and sheets have been protected to ensure the integrity of the assignment. When calculating dollar values, round to the nearest dollar.

3. -Consolidated Journal Entries- sheet (Sheet 3)
In this sheet, you are required to complete two (2) sections:
1) Acquisition analysis
Based on the information in the -Background information- sheet, provide the required calculations at acquisition date.
2) Consolidation Adjustments at 30/6/2018
Use the relevant sub-heading sections available to record any consolidated journal entries you deem necessary at the balance date. The number of rows provided in each sub-heading section is deemed to be more than adequate. Note that you don't need to fill in every single row in order to complete journal entries.
When recording journal entries, no narrations are required and there is no need to indent account names.

4. -Consolidated Worksheet- sheet (Sheet 4)
Post your journal entries from the -Consolidated Journal Entries- sheet into this sheet using columns D (Ref), E and F.
If a particular line item say, Retained Earnings, has several journals to be posted, DO NOT add the journals and post a single value; instead, post the journals individually using the alpha-numeric references provided in the previous sheet. Also, each debit or credit entry should be entered on a separate row.
Finally enter the -Group- totals, this time using only a single value for each line item.

5. -Consolidated income Statement- and -Consolidated Balance Sheet- sheets (Sheets 5 and 6)
These sheets are provided for review and information purposes only - no work is required.

6. Marks are awarded on numbers only, not on account names or descriptions.

7. Submission
Please refer to the -T1 2019 MAA716 Assignment 2 Instruction- file for submission instructions.

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