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This essay will explore the sport industry of the future. The essay is to be completed individually.
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Major Assignment: The Future of Sport (6000 words) 60%
Assignment Due Date: Week 12 - 11.59pm, Monday 27th May, 2019. Submit via Dropbox
Grading Criteria: Grading Rubric
Your Task: To prepare an essay that explores the future of sport. To receive a high standard in this assignment it is necessary to demonstrate your grasp on the material covered throughout the trimester - this means theory and the application of theory. Additional readings and research must be incorporated into your analysis. That is, integrate materials beyond your textbook into the analysis.
This is a difficult assignment designed to make you collate information, think critically and analyse complex material. Start Early!

The final section of your textbook begins to examine how sport is changing, and some of the challenges for the future. This second assessment for MMS711 asks you to draw on this information to further discuss the future of sport. It consists of two main parts - defining what is the present, and predicting the future of sport. Each of these parts and their requirements are outlined below:
Part 1: The Present
(2500 words approximately)
The final chapter of your textbook presents the 4 pyramids of Australian sport. Explain what the pyramid represents about the management, organisation, and structure of Australian sport. Given what you know about emerging and new models of sport and sport structure and organisation in Australia and internationally (remember your first assignment?), comment on the utility of the 4 pyramids model. Is it an adequate representation of sport in Australia? Why or why not?
Part 2: The Future
(3000-3500 words approximately)

Given your knowledge of the evolution of the management, organisation and delivery of sport thus far, how will sport organisation, management, and delivery be impacted into the future? Refer to information about emerging models of sport creation and delivery, and sport clusters as the basis for your analytical discussion (as seen in your textbook).
Create the next evolution of the 4 pyramids diagram.
Structurally, your report should include an executive summary (not included in the word count), a short introduction, a body section (incorporating parts 1-2 above) and a conclusion. Your report also needs to include a reference list (not a bibliography) using the Harvard referencing system.