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This is an individual assignment. Your assessor will be marking you against a competency checklist to ensure you have met the requirements of each of the relevant competencies. You will be informed should you be deemed not yet competent by your assessor and require re-assessment. If you feel the decision made by your assessor was in fact incorrect please refer to your student handbook for information on the assessment appeals process and the steps you are required to undertake.
Assessment rules
· Assessment must be typed in 12 font size.
· Assessment must be in the students own words, if the internet is used for research, a reference list must be listed as an appendix at the end of the assessment.
· No copying from other students.
· Failure to adhere to these rules will result in penalties.
The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective
Students are to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to establish & adjust the marketing mix by answering the following applied questions on McDonald's. A web link on McDonald's Corporate policy is being provided below and students are required to apply the concepts learned in the unit to the various questions asked in the context of this company.
Assessment description
PE: Evaluate each component of marketing mix
Research McDonald's using the web link provided, as well as any other link you wish and answer the following questions:
BSBMKG502_Learner Assessment Guide V2.0 (12sept18)
Richmond School of Business. CRICOS Code: 03717E |RTO Code: 45432 9 | P a g e

BSBMKG502 Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix
I. Identify key products & services and their estimated significance to the market.
II. Evaluate each component of the marketing mix
III. Evaluate combined contribution of the marketing mix to the organization's marketing objectives and strategies
IV. Analyse the impact and importance of the following elements to market outcomes:
Promotional methods Channels of distribution Customer Services
Assuming McDonald's in your suburb or in any of your preferred location, is underperforming. Based on this scenario, answer the following:
Q.2 Using management tool of your choice, conduct environmental analysis on your chosen McDonald's outlet.
Q3. Assess the potential impact of the factors discussed in above question on the marketing mix for McDonald's.
Q4. Considering above environmental analysis and factors impacting on the marketing mix for McDonald's, establish and document the marketing mix to satisfy target market and business objectives detailing:
· The target market
· Business objectives
· Product, pricing, promotional activities, distribution channels, customer service levels, and service variations.
· If additional products or services or new products will be offered, evaluate these against marketing objectives, target market characteristics and desired positioning.
· Suitability of marketing mix to the budget.
Q5. Discuss how you would go about monitoring the marketing mix. Be specific in your answer as to what methods you would recommends to your management for monitoring the marketing mix.
BSBMKG502_Learner Assessment Guide V2.0 (12sept18)
Richmond School of Business. CRICOS Code: 03717E |RTO Code: 45432 10 | P a g e

BSBMKG502 Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix
Q6. Imagine your monitoring mechanism on marketing mix has identified some issues and requires management to alter some components of the marketing mix. Discuss briefly the implication of the altering components of the marketing mix.
Q7. Detail how you will continue to monitor the adjustments made to the marketing mix to ensure that it meets organisational, strategic and operational marketing objectives
Q.8 Presentation Task
a) Deliver a 15-20 minute presentation on your above project to your class.
b) Please submit your power point slides a week before your presentation day. Your trainer will allocate your presentation days in the class.

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