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Grading Criteria and Feedback
Please see LMS and detailed Grading Criteria below
Description of Task
Prepare a Business model and plan for an Australia-based, brand new, for-profit business venture that you might enter into in the future. This should be different from the business idea which has already been used and presented in the group assessment.
Individual assignment, 2,500-word limit, report format with headings and sub headings, 1.5 spacing to be used. Make sure that you have also reviewed and followed the additional guidelines on LMS about the suggested structure and more specific instructions for this assessment.
Suggested (brief) structure:
Cover page (please indicate your full name, student ID, class day/time & tutors name)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (not included in word count)
Section headings
• Introduction (a clear introduction of the business idea, make sure that first time readers can understand your business idea)
• Business Model Canvas (please make the full use of the Business Model Canvas template)
o Customer Segments o Value Proposition o Customer Relationships o Channels o Key Activities
o Key Resources
o Key Partners
o Revenue Structure o Cost Structure
• Planning
o Market
o Operations and Technology o Human Resources o Finance
References (12-15 references required, at leastO3 academic references needed; Harvard referencing style)
Detailed Grading Criteria
Assessment Task 1
See Appendix 1
Assessment Task 2
See Appendix 2
Assessment Task 3
See Appendix 3
Assessment and Feedback - College/School/Discipline-specific information
LaTrobe University

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3218 words including Tables, Graphs, Calculations and References

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