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Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing and Specialisations Assessment 1
Written Assignment of 2000 words (40%) in week 5 (17th May 2019, 12 mid-night)
In this assignment you are required to undertake a literature search of 4 research articles on leadership/clinical leadership. Each article will be examined thoroughly, identifying the leadership theory discussed, the issues/problems discussed, outlining the limitations and recommendations and the relevance of the research findings in terms of leadership development in nursing.
Assessment criteria
· Select at least 7 refereed articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic. Your articles must be = 7 years old.
· Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper.
· The assignment will be marked according to the rubric/marking guide below.
· See hyperlink: Sample of the title page
*The 4 research articles on leadership/clinical leadership you have selected is included in the 7 references you need to provide for this assignment

Mark Allocated %
· Student demonstrates evidence of exceptional understanding and clear and adequate description and discussion of the issues specified on the topic and how it will be addressed in this paper. 5
Content Description and Discussion addressing the following elements:
· Identify 4 relevant and current (= 7 years) refereed journal articles on leadership/clinical leadership. 2
· Identify the leadership theory and any other issues/problems being
discussed in these articles. 8
· Discuss relevance of the research findings from these articles in terms of leadership development in nursing. 8
· Outlining the limitations and recommendations from these articles 7
· Headings in the body of the paper are clearly labelled and information under each heading relates to the heading 1
· Logical and sequential arrangement of explanations and descriptions 2
· Grammar, spelling and punctuation 1
· Conclusion provides summary of the paper; no new information is provided. 1
APA Format and References
· Paper meets APA guidelines regarding margins, font, references, etc. All content follows current APA writing guidelines. 5
Total Marks 40

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2095 words including References

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