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Assignment 4: Learning Summary & Implementation Plan
Assessment Structure: Report & Mind Map Individual or Group: Individual
Learning outcomes assessed: This assessment task is designed to test your achievement of learning outcomes 1,2,3,4
Word limit: 1,500 +/- 10%
Weighting: This assessment task contributes 30% to your final grade
Due Date & Submission details: This assessment is due by: By 11:59 pm (AEST) May 31. This assessment task must be submitted inside the Assessment 4 Canvas submission link. You may submit up to a maximum of three (3) times prior to the due date. Your final submission will be the version which is marked. Be aware that Turnitin reports will take longer to generate after each submission. Therefore, do not leave your final submission until the last moment.
Task details
In this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to reflect upon your journey through the INF80042 unit of study and describe the key learnings you believe are necessary for you to become a better manager of technology and a detailed plan on how you implement the identified learnings.
• Part A: Learning Summary (20 marks)
• Part B: Implementation Plan (10 marks)
Part A: Learning Summary
Article & Media Collection: Imagine yourself as an Information Systems (IS) Manager 5 years into the future. A newly graduated Swinburne Masters student is recruited into your organisation and your task is to mentor and directly supervisor the new recruit. Using the range of available INF80042 unit theory, identify and describe (a) two (2) key learnings and (b) two (2) of the biggest challenges you believe the new recruit will face (based on your learnings).
Once you have identified YOUR 2 learnings and 2 challenges, begin to collect relevant media articles and online video presentations (YouTube, TED Talks etc.) about each one. You are required to collect 3 x articles from a mix of online newspapers, organisation’s websites and practitioner blogs AND 3 x links to multimedia/video presentations for each learning and each challenge. Clarify this requirement with your Convenor/tutor. List the articles and media and identify one (1) and explain why this one is particularly relevant and important to share with the new recruit.
A Mind Map will be used to provide a graphical/visual representation of the overall learnings and challenges.
Creating your Mind Map
You will be guided in class on how to create a Mind Map using an application such as Coggle.
Figure 1: Example of a mind map for illustration purpose only.
Figure 2: Another example of a mind map for illustration purpose only
Structuring your report
Your report should be 7 pages in length and structured as follows:
· Page 1: Title, Student ID and name. An introduction stating the content and purpose of the report. Keep this brief to approx. 150 words or less.
· Page 2: Describe the first learning and then the second. Try not to mix up the descriptions of the learnings. This will occur in the Mind Map and Summary Statement.
· Page 3: Each the first challenge and then the second. Again, try not to mix up the descriptions of the learnings. This will occur in the Mind Map and Summary Statement.
· Page 4. Mind Map and summary paragraph.
· Page 5. Write a sequential/stepped plan on the tasks involved in the mentoring/knowledge management process. Conclude the plan with a single paragraph which describes the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for determining if your knowledge transfer has/will be a success.
· Page 6. Reference & Resource List.
These tasks will be explained further in class and time set aside to work up your Learning Summary and Implementation Plan.
Your marker expects that you will seek guidance on any uncertainties you may have in completing this assessment item to the best of your ability. They understand you are not a Creative Arts student! They expect that you embrace the opportunity to develop a new skill and explore a creative way of representing your path towards becoming a better technology manager as you approach the end of your Postgraduate degree.
Assignment 4 Rubric
The rubric used for this assignment will be the Reflection. Please see the copy of the Assignment 4 Rubric in the Assignment 4 Folder in Canvas. Read the rubric carefully to identify where marks are awarded.
You must use the Harvard Referencing style and list all references and resources used in your report.
Other expectations
Keep a MS PowerPoint backup of your Report submissions. If your assessment goes astray, whether your fault or ours, you will be required to re-produce it.
It is expected that all work submitted, will have been edited for spelling, grammar and clarity. Extensions and Late Submission
Please reread the section on Extensions and Late Submission that can be found in the Unit Outline. Plagiarism
Please reread the section on plagiarism that can be found in the Unit Outline.
Any evidence of plagiarism will result in referral of your assessment to the Chair of Department, Business Technology and Entrepreneurship, Swinburne Business School.
Collaborative discussion with other participants in the unit around concepts and additional examples is highly recommended, but don’t copy.
Assessment Help
If you have any queries or concerns, you may discuss with the convenor and/or tutor in the Canvas discussion board in the appropriate discussion forum or by email or during the unit’s consultation hours.
IT Technical Help
Technical assistance on any IT related issues can be obtained from the Swinburne Service Desk (03) 9214 5000.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1645 words including References + Mind Map

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