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Select australian company as an example MILK PRODUCT.
1. Introduction :- background of the company, the level of contribution towards Australian GDP.
1.1. Australian economics conditions for last 3 years GDP, inflation rate, unemployment rate, foreign exchange, Australian budget overview of all this one.
2. Market for goods.....,
2.1. Factor affecting demand/supply
2.2. Identify wheather elastic or inelastic demand for your product
(Consider price elastic of demand
Income elastic of demand
Cross elastic of demand
2.3. Overall market performs for your product based on economics conditions.
3. Market structure
Identify the structure wheater perfect mix, monopoly, monopolistic, oligopoly go through the charactristics.
4. Market analysis,
Identify the events they participated for recently for example easter show, teach work shop etc.
4.1. Provides an evidence also consider any opportunity to ger more D or S.
5. Conclusion and refrences.
This is the assignment of 2500 words and due date is next friday. Can you please tell me the cost of you brother asap.
Thank you.

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