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First: I want you to write to me an essay consisting of 2500 words.
Second: The essay for how children learn through drawings:
(note these drawings I will do it use silk screen printing in drawings)
Third: I will put my introduction to this essay, and I want you to follow in the writing three body paragraphs and put my experiences on learning children through drawings in the third body paragraph. Fourth: I will Put some references for silk screen printing (note silk screen printing is just a tool, I will use in my work for drawings for children)
Fifth: You should write the page number in any quotation not only the name of the author and the date. Sixth: you should use Harvard references.

This is my introduction.
Do you have the ability to enlighten children through artistic expression? The history of children's stories goes back a long time ago. As Madej suggests that when children's history literature was discovered and how it moved from teaching children to their entertainment, it helped us to see similarities with the ways in which children discover events today. We may be gaining some wonderful ideas about the history of children (2003, p.3).(first body) The origins of silk screen printing and how it pertains to teaching children through my drawings.( second body) Then, colours usage in silk screen printing and ways to enlighten and encourage children colours and show ways that colour in my drawings make them happy. (third body) Finally, in the art movement, children learn how to express themselves through my drawings, as well as ways to ignite the love and appreciation for silk screen printing.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2822 words including References

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