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BMA735 Management Ethics
Please use the information provided below to help guide your approach to Assessment Task 2. You may post any questions you have regarding this assessment into the ‘Ask the Class’ discussion board.
Assignment details:
• This assignment is due at the end of Week 13, on Sunday, June 2, at 11:30pm. An assignment folder has been set up in the Assessments section in MyLO which is where you will need to upload your assignment
• The expected word count is 3000 words with a leeway of +/- 10%. References are not included in the word limit
• It is expected that your report will incorporate references to at least fifteen (15) sources of academic literature.
Assignment objectives:
? The objective of this assessment is for you to critically analyse the three case studies provided (RFG, IOOF, Bupa) from the perspective of management ethics. We expect you to identify key ethical issues in the case studies, and using the theories and knowledge that you have gained from this unit, propose and justify strategies and recommendations to address the ethical problems you have identified.
Assessment rubric
? Please ensure that you review the assessment rubric prior to submitting your assignment.
? The principles of academic integrity are highly valued at the University of Tasmania. You are expected to maintain academic integrity by correctly referencing other scholars’ work and not copying others work without attribution. If in any doubt, we recommend that you make yourselves aware of the following resources:
1. Academic Integrity for Students
2. Harvard referencing style
3. Turnitin