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Swinburne University of Technology
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
Research Methods
Final Assessment (Examination) - Proposal or Report
1. The convener appreciates the diversity of students’ background from various disciplines at different levels. Therefore, the convener is prepared to accept different styles such as research proposal, research report, project proposal or project report. However, your proposal/report should be consistent with your oral presentation for Assessment / Assignment 1 in terms of concept and content.
The difference between a ‘Proposal’ and a ‘Report’ can be found in text book and lecture notes. The proposal/report templates provided in the lecture notes MUST be used – Module 06 for quantitative/qualitative proposal templates and Module 08 for report template.
2. Your report/proposal will be assessed and marked against the above items, and
· Clear indication of the style (say, a Qualitative/Quantitative Report or Proposal) at the beginning of your submission
· Neatness and clarity, precision, and logical structure of the report/proposal
· Correct use of bibliographical tools (e.g Endnote)
· Length of the report being around 2000 words including figures/tables/references (using single column, single spacing and 12 point font size on A4 papers). Your submission shall normally contain no more than five pages including everything.
3. Everyone should submit online your Word file (named as StudentID-Surname.doc(x)) before the deadline on Canvas as similar to Assignment 1.

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