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Assignment 2: Position paper
Length: 2000 words
Learning outcomes: 1, 2, 4, 5
Articles need to read
• Children under five and digital technologies: implications for early years pedagogy†
• The use of touch-screen tablets in early childhood: Children's knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards tablet technology
• Teachers’ dispositions towards the role of digital devices in play-based pedagogy in early childhood education
The task
• Identify one important ECEC (early childhood education care) issue that has been investigated during this unit from weeks 7-10.
• Argue why it is an ECEC issue, who it affects, and how.
• Critically review the issue from the various perspectives involved with reference to
• contemporary literature, and publications (e.g. these may be newspaper articles).
• Present your position on the issue and justify your position.
• Explore how this issue could be resolved or improved?
Reminder: You must state the ECEC issue and your position regarding the issue using a clear introductory paragraph. You will then outline all aspects of the issue (i.e. present various perspectives of the issue), and debate your position. Remember to have a clear conclusion paragraph.
Rationale for assessment task
• As an early childhood teacher, you will be required to identify and respond to issues that
• impact upon the early childhood education and care stakeholders, and profession.
Marking criteria
• Position paper identifies the issue for ECEC and argues who this issue affects and how
• 10%
• Position paper critically reviews various perspectives of this issue with reference to current literature and publications 10%
• Position paper presents your perspective on the issue and justifies it 10%
• Position paper explores how the issue might be resolved/addressed 5%Position paper displays thorough engagement with the unit materials, current literature and publications 10%
• Position paper includes standard of writing and presentation - spelling, punctuation, grammar, paragraph structure, APA referencing 5%

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2640 words including References

Topic: Addiction towards touch-screen digital gadgets: Early Childhood Education Care (ECEC) issue

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