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Task Description:
The research proposal is an individual written piece of assessment that allows you to demonstrate your conceptual and theoretical understanding of the important aspects related to marketing research. The topic will be allocated to you in week 6 of the semester
You need to identify the client’s marketing problem and develop the steps in defining a market research study to help decision making. The proposal must depict the stages in the marketing research process and the logic for using them, and clearly describe what information will be needed, and how and from where it will be obtained.
It is essential to include reliable sources of information for your report: where data is collected from the internet, then correct citations are required. Any unsupported statement will not provide credibility to your discussion.
Your research proposal should include (but not be limited to):
Brief context to the marketing problem; definition of the marketing research problem; specific research objectives and questions of the proposed research study; justification for the proposed marketing research study.
This section requires secondary research (internet and publicly available data only) on the problem. You are also expected to look through google scholar for academic approaches to similar problems as well as gathering any market data available online.
Explain and justify the method that you will adopt to collect and analyze the data that is required to answer the research objectives This section should address issues related to:
Sample (e.g., who are your target respondents, who are you surveying, why are you surveying them)
Procedure (e.g., how are you obtaining information from respondents, why is this approach appropriate)
Measures (e.g., what questions are you asking and in what format, what information are you obtaining, why are you obtaining this information)
Analysis (e.g. state what analysis you will undertake, and what the results will look like)
A brief discussion about ethical considerations (e.g., ethical issues that should be considered when conducting this research); potential limitations of the study; timing (suggested timeframe to complete the study).
Task Length
2000 words +/- 10% in length (excluding references)
Assessment Criteria:
Available on MyLO
Link to Unit’s Learning Outcomes:
Learning Outcomes 1 and 2
Due Date:
Week 9. Thursday 2pm Hobart time. Submit as a word document to turnitin.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2369 words including Diagrams and References

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