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there are 3 questions, have to answer this using the readings we have got.
Workbook 1 (1 Question/ total 500 words) To complete this task, you need to reflect on the first three readings, e-lecture, notes and workshop activities. Question: From your readings and lectures, focus on the question, what type of Policing is practised in NSW? In this process you should define the type of policing promoted by NSW Police and critically examine if the model presented by NSW Government is the model that is being practised in NSW. In additional why do you feel this way? What does this tell you about definitions of policing?
Workbook 2: (1 Question/ total 500 words) To complete this task, you need to reflect on the first six readings, e-lecture, notes and workshop activities. Question Currently, no legislation or process exist in any jurisdiction in Australia that specifically allows victims to indicate a preferred sentence in the victim impact statement. Should victims be given a say in sentence? Provide an explanation with arguments that support your stance on this. Your answer must consider, the Rule of Law by Dicey
Workbook 3: (1 Question/ total 500 words) To complete this task, you need to reflect on the first nine readings, e-lecture, notes and tutorial activities. Question: Firstly go to this url site ’Policing Methods Adopting a Strategy’ 9 The author compares Community Policing to Zero Tolerance Policing. Critically examine the two extremes of policing and put forward an argument with regards to Policing in New South Wales. Compare Crime Statistics and whether or not we have a problem in NSW. Is aggressive policing necessary? Is Community Police effective? high-visibility- street- police- to- hit- the- beat/ Business JANUARY 22, 2019 11:34 AM Communities across Greater Sydney will benefit from having extra police on the beat, with 100 high visibility officers set to join the ranks as part of the NSW Government’s historic investment in front line policing.

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