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Lab 2
Due Date: check Moodle drop box
Total Marks: 20 marks
Weighting: 10%
Project Case - Privacy Policy
IT Contractors is a small business (with an annual turnover of under $1million) which supplies services associated with the installation and support of networks for corporate clients.
IT Contractors has developed a Privacy Policy (see below for the policy) to reassure their clients that the data they collect from them will be used responsibly, and that the behavior of their company, employees and sub-contractors will comply with the Australian Privacy Act of 1988. IT Contractors have their Privacy Policy on their website.
You are required to review this policy and answer the following questions which relate to how the IT Contractors Privacy Policy complies with the current privacy legislation.

Submit your project case addressing the following questions:
1. Does IT Contractors have a legal responsibility to have a Privacy Policy? Include in your response why you believe this is the case (maximum 60 words).
2. Management have asked each member of staff to consider a single APP and propose how it might be covered in the new Privacy Policy, you have been allocated APP 11 (on Moodle).
a. Provide a brief overview (maximum 200 words) of how the current IT Contractors Privacy Policy addresses this requirement, if at all
b. You need to recommend in plain English what should be included in the Privacy Policy regarding Storage and security of personal information.
• This is a recommendation for management to consider, other staff may also have been given APP 11 and management will consider all your input before redrafting the policy.
• This is not a presentation task, you need only provide text. You may though use bullets or numbering, as appropriate to format your text for ease of understanding.
• Use the details in the Scenario and the existing Privacy Policy or make reasonable assumptions in developing this recommendation.
• While looking at other Privacy Policies in your workplace or online might be a source of ideas you must be sure to write your submission to management in your own words.
3. Assume that a new Privacy Policy for IT Contractors is implemented and that the changes result in some changes to work practices. Provide 2 recommendations for how the staff of IT Consultants might effectively be informed of the changes and how it affects undertaking their work.
4. This question is on Ethics: Imagine you own a small website development company, you state clearly on your website that you comply with the ACS (Australian Computer Society) Code of Ethics. Develop a set of 5 questions that could be asked in an interview or a questionnaire in order to capture feedback from stakeholders (e.g. your customers, suppliers and/or staff) regarding whether or not they are receiving consistent and appropriate service, giving specific regard to ACS Code of Ethics.
After completion of answers to all questions you can submit your Word file into the appropriate drop box on Moodle. Note not to re-write the questions on your answer sheet to avoid high turnitin similarity index. Properly paraphrase and reference your work.