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Information Systems for Managers (MPA602)
Information Systems for Managers Report Plan (assessment 2) Guideline
About the information system report plan
The purpose of the Information Systems (IS) for Managers report Plan Assessment 2 is to give you hands-on exercise to develop your capability to plan, analyse, implement and review Information Systems; to practice strategic planning processes, methodologies and tools typically employed to produce Information Systems for Managers that is well aligned to the needs of a business as well as emerging Information Systems to understand “soft” issues in IS development and implementation.
To complete this assignment, you will work as an individual consultant or a team of consultants. The team should meet in between classes to develop Information Systems plan for Managers using the tools and frameworks taught in the course. To complete the project
• Select a case organisation- Digital health information system
• Decide on the main theme of Digital health information system: This may be one of the following o Information record and accounting system o Database, computers and accounting system
o Privacy, ethics and legal of the information system decision making o Relationship between data, information and accounting system
Assessment 2: Report Plan (15%)
The purpose of this assessment is to develop your facility to systematically analyse business, and the current IS/IT and business state of a given organisation. It will also help you to get timely feedback before you deliver the final project. The plan should contain but not limited to the following:
1. Background: provide brief background of the case organisation (Digital health) that you have selected including the name, services (products), industry, size. Choose a reasonable size organisation that you can analyse and not a large global corporation.
2. Scope: define and justify the scope for your digital health information system by selecting one of the above themes as well as the scope of your work. Why did you believe that the theme that you have selected is the most appropriate for the case?
3. Preliminary analysis findings with clear reference to source of information which include
• What information systems and technology assets (digital IS health assets and capabilities) does this organisation have and how do those compare to its key competitor(s)?
• How does the organisation you choose use its digital health information assets and capabilities?
• What emerging or established digital IS technologies provide this organisation either with opportunity and/or threat for the strategy theme that you have selected (i.e., either customer experience or digital health solutions or platform modernisation)
4. List of evidence. This can include both academic reference and other materials such as websites, company documents, list of people (can use pseudo-name) consulted or to be consulted including their job title, and personal correspondences that you have used to complete the interim report or will use in the future to complete the group project.
Submission Instruction
• This project plan report should not be more than 1000 words excluding list of evidence.
• The report shall be formatted as: 11pt font Times New Roman or Calibri; 1.5 line spacing and
2.54 (standard setting) margin.
• ONLY ONE group member uploads a word version of your report to the Assessment 2 folder on Moodle
• The report should have a cover page and the four sections described above. This report is short in length so there is no need for an executive summary or abstract.
• Research and critical evaluation of the case and the evidences cited is required to successfully complete this assessment task. You will need to analyse what you are discovering using the frameworks and models that you have chosen to structure your argument with. Your analysis findings will need to be supported with clear and relevant evidence from both scholarly and other sources described under the list of evidence.
Marking guide
• Background (2)
• Clarity and feasibility of scope (4)
• Analysis quality and evidence (7)
• Extent and quality of research (evidence) (2)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1140 words including References

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