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Assessment two
Word Limit: 1500 (Do Not Exceed)
What are the economic arguments both for and against increased migration into Australia?
The following Economic theories may be used to analyse this topic:
• Supply and Demand (especially non-price determinants)
• Production Possibilities Frontier
• Consumer/Producer Surplus
Use of graphs and diagrams in your essay is highly encouraged, as this will display to the marker your understanding and ability to apply and analyse various theories of economics. When incorporating graphs into your essay, please adopt the following three criteria:
1. original (not a screenshot from your text) incorporating labels (photos of hand-drawn graphs are fine) and ;
2. correctly applied; and
3. adds to your analysis
Additionally, this essay should be submitted in essay format. It is also expected that you include at least 5 - 8 sources in your essay. Suggested sources include your textbook, journal articles from the ACU library's online databases, and websites, as long as they are reputable (major media sources, government websites (ABS, RBA, IMF etc)).
As an example, a suggested format for your essay is as follows;
1. Introduction
2. Discussion of migration to Australia (using appropriate data)
3. Economic theories supporting/not supporting increased migration
o Theory 1
o Theory 2
o (Theory 3 if applicable)
4. Conclusion
5. Bibliography
6. (Appendices if using secondary data)
An excellent place to start would be reading the Shaping a Nation report, submitted by the Department of Home Affairs.

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