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CO4509 - Computer Security
Assignment 2
Martin Bateman
February 25, 2019
Due date: 3/5/19 11:59pm
Weighting: 50%
Size: 12 pages
Assignment Description
WidgetsInc has contracted Benny Vandergast Inc to develop their new web-based store. Benny Vandergast Inc has provided a VMware virtual machine for testing. WidgetsInc have decided to give you the job of evaluating the security of the system provided by Benny Vandergast Inc.
You should perform a security evaluation on the provided virtual machine image. You have not been supplied with either the IP address of the system or any usernames and passwords, you must discover these as part of your investigation. Document, with proof, any security issues you find. You may use any tools you wish to perform the investigation.
Your report should include
• A description of how you investigated the security of the system
o Include fully cited information on tools and techniques you used.
• A description of the results obtained
• A proposal on how to secure the system
o You should address each of the security issues you find
Learning Outcomes
2. Propose and justify suitable security for networked computer system.
3. Use a range of security related tools.
4. Critically evaluate tools and techniques for system security
6. Research and report on a security related topic, using appropriate literature.
The assignment work should be submitted as a Word document (.docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) to the appropriate assignment submission slot on Blackboard before 11:59pm on the 3rd May 2019. You should ensure that your student number is on your work.
Late work
Late work must be submitted to eLearn in the required assignment slot.
Penalties for late submission
Except where an extension of the hand-in deadline date has been approved (using extenuating circumstances forms), lateness penalties will be applied in accordance with University policy as shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Late submission penalty
Extenuating circumstances
If you believe that there are circumstances that justify an extension of the hand-in deadline for assignment work, you are required to use the Extenuating Circumstances forms. Extensions (to a maximum of 10 working days) are granted when there are serious and exceptional factors outside your control. Everyday occurrences such as colds and hay fever do not normally qualify for extensions. Where possible, requests for extensions should be made before the hand-in date.
The School considers extenuating circumstances to be conditions that significantly impact on your work. Typically, these will cover more than one module.
Requests for consideration of extenuating circumstances in respect of assignment work submission, should be made using the extenuating circumstances procedure . You are advised to speak to your Academic Advisor prior to submitting. Whilst extenuating circumstances are being considered, you are advised to inform relevant staff members, and continue with the assignment.
Feedback will be given to the class within 15 working days of the assignment hand-in date. This may be done in the first 15 minutes of a lecture. This will be followed by individual written feedback tying to the Learning Outcomes listed in the assignment brief, together with any additional helpful feedback such as areas of strength and areas for improvement.
The University operates an electronic plagiarism detection service where your work may be uploaded, stored and cross-referenced against other material. You should be aware that the software searches the World Wide Web, an extensive databases of reference material and work submitted by members of the same class to identify duplication.
For detailed information on the procedures relating to plagiarism, please see the current version of the University Academic Regulations.
Reassessment and Revision
Reassessment in written examinations and coursework is at the discretion of the Course Assessment Board and is dealt with strictly in accordance with University policy and procedures. Revision classes for referrals will take place during ’reassessment revision, appeals and guidance week’ as marked on the academic calendar.
The mark for the reassessed component is subject to a maximum of 50%.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3146 words including Screenshots and References

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