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Due date: May 20
Weighting: 40%
Word count: 3000
Topic: Digital pedagogy literature review
( The pedagogy that i have chosen is Fine motor skills to school children )
A literature review will provide you with a critical understanding of contexts, issues and theories that build our knowledge of a digital pedagogy. In addition, a literature review provides your colleagues and the wider community with good, current, guidance to support their own pedagogical practices.
Your literature review will:
a) critically analyse contemporary research of digital pedagogies
b) synthesise the relevant theoretical perspectives in the design of sustainable and innovative digital pedagogies
c) highlight preferred approaches in a relevant educational, curriculum and/or community context
Reference books that had to be added are :
1. Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age, designing for 21 st century learning by HELEN BEETHA, RHONA SHARPE ( 2013)
2. Learning identities in a digital age, rethinking creativity , education and technology by AVRIL LOVELESS, BEN WILLIAMSON ( 2013)
3. Teaching and learning in the digital age / louise starkey
4. Technology for transformation perspectives of hope in the digital age, 2016 by Libbi miller.
5. Fostering self regulated learning through ICT , 2011
6. Teacher value beliefs associated wit uing technology addressing professional and student needs, by Anne T.ottenbreit- leftwich,Krista D.Glazewski , timothy j.newby Peggy A ertwer 2010
7. Web based learning and teaching technology : opportunities and challenges 2000
8. Language and learning in the digital age/ James paul gee and Elizabeth r.hayes

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3202 words including References

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