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Part B - Questions – Privacy Legislation [30 marks]
Privacy legislation
Submit a word document with answers to the following:
1. A list with brief explanations of 5 industry standards and/or legislations relevant to a specific work area in information technology (e.g. software development, network administration). The explanations may be up to a maximum 60 words each. [5 marks]
Information technology law concerns the the law of information technology including computing and the internet.
2. Read the Australian Privacy Principles. Outline, in your own words, what you think that APP 5 and 6 mean for an organisation. Include an example for each of APP 5 and 6 where you have experienced the principle in action. [5 marks]
3. Name one networking protocol or technology (may include use of a network protocol) that can be used to provide security when transferring data over the internet. Briefly (maximum 60 words) provide an overview of how the chosen protocol/technology provides for secure data transfer. [5 marks]
4. List and discuss briefly three elements (i.e. specific parts or sections of the document, often headings within the document) that should be included in any Copyright Policy prepared for an IT company. The discussions may be up to a maximum 60 words each. [5 marks]
5. Describe two positive examples of how IT professionals are able to protect their copyright. The examples may be up to a maximum 60 words each. [5 marks]
6. Describe two methods that are able to be used, at least one of which must involve the use of features of a server operating system, to maintain integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information as required by organisational privacy policy. The methods described may be up to a maximum 60 words each. [5 marks]
• Privacy Act
• Australian Privacy Principles
Part C- Case Study Scenario – Privacy Policy [25 marks]
Submit a report (minimum of 500 words) that addresses the following questions:
1. Does IT Contractors have a legal responsibility to have a Privacy Policy? Include in your response why you believe this is the case (maximum 60 words). [5 marks]
2. Does the IT Contractors Privacy Policy currently cover all of the minimum requirements set out in APP 1.4?
For each of the items (a-g) at APP 1.4 provide (i.e. copy and paste) a sentence or paragraph from the current Privacy Policy that addresses the minimum requirement into the table provided in the attached Report. [5 marks]
• You need not provide all relevant parts of the policy that relate to the minimum
requirement, one is sufficient.
• If a minimum requirement is not addressed at all include a clear statement that this is the case. This will ensure your teacher knows you did not overlook the minimum requirement, but rather that it was not covered.
3. Management have asked each member of staff to consider a single APP and propose how it might be covered in the new Privacy Policy, you have been allocated APP 11.
a. Provide a brief overview (maximum 200 words) of how the current IT Contractors Privacy Policy addresses this requirement, if at all
b. You need to recommend in plain English what should be included in the Privacy Policy regarding Storage and security of personal information. [5 marks]
• This is a recommendation for management to consider, other staff may also have been given APP 11 and management will consider all your input before redrafting the policy.
• This is not a presentation task, you need only provide text. You may though use bullets or numbering, as appropriate to format your text for ease of understanding.
• Use the details in the Scenario and the existing Privacy Policy or make reasonable
assumptions in developing this recommendation.
• While looking at other Privacy Policies in your workplace or online might be a source of ideas you must be sure to write your submission to management in your own words.
4. Assume that a new Privacy Policy for IT Consultants is implemented and that the changes result in some changes to work practices. Provide 2 recommendations for how the staff of IT Consultants might effectively be informed of the changes and how it affects undertaking their work [5 marks]
5. Describe two methods that the organisation might use to ensure their policies and procedures are being effectively implemented (i.e. once staff have been informed of the changes how will the business be sure the changes are actually being put into practice), one of which must relate specifically to the implementation of system security. [5 marks]
• Guide to developing an APP privacy policy
Part D – Case Study Scenario – Develop and interpret procedures [25 marks]
Pretend you own a software development business that is growing in size and you need to employ more programmers. Most of the work in on-site and your developers are sometimes working on their own computers, sometimes on the clients systems. As we are simulating an I.T environment you can make assumptions.
1. Draft a Grievance procedure (work procedure) to enable confidential reporting of complaints or conflicts arising for staff or clients. Draft this for your software development business. [10 marks]
2. Locate the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Code of Ethics and present a discussion on one of the practices listed in the code. Give examples of situations in which the ethical practice would apply. [10 marks]
3. Imagine you have a website for your software development company, you state clearly on your website that you comply with the ACS Code of Ethics.
Develop a set of 5 questions that could be asked in an interview or a questionnaire in order to capture feedback from stakeholders (e.g. your customers, suppliers and/or staff) regarding whether or not they are receiving consistent and appropriate service, giving specific regard to ACS Code of Ethics. [5 marks]
• Staff Grievance Procedure
• ACS Code of Ethics
• ACS Code of Professional Conduct

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Word Count: 2210 words including References

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