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42908 Engineering Project Preparation
Assignment 2 – Assessment guideline
Addressing the task Indicative of a passing grade: Indicative of a Distinction grade:
Abstract Needs to be clear and concise with an overview of the literature review topic, main findings and conclusions presented.
In addition, is completely consistent with the remaining document.
Introduction Section needs to have relevant details of specific investigation described using appropriate language with brief introduction of general research area and outline of what will follow. In addition, it needs to clearly articulate the need to undertake the research and present the critical details of research area with a concise outline of what will follow.
Literature Review The Literature Review section summarises and demonstrates understanding of relevant and important research in the chosen field (15 high quality references). In addition, all the reference material is consistent with the research gaps identified; the articles analysis is strategically ordered.
The section organises and evaluates the research with a flow between articles (article organisation grouped in a systematic manner)
The section should explain how each item of literature links to your own project, how your project uses and adds to the literature. The section critically reviews existing work, identifies relevant research areas and any opposing views. Links to the research gaps are identified
Links to the gap the project will fill, all the reference material is consistent with the research gap addressed.
Conclusions A discussion that leads to specific conclusions supported by review/analysis section evaluation is present. The discussion highlights research gap the project intends to fill. In addition, is completely consistent with the remaining of the document
Presentation; how it reads
Organisation The submission draws the reader in, easy to follow from start to end and remains focussed on addressing the assessment task. The submission presents to the reader pertinent and relevant points without leaving gaps or being too repetitive. It is succinct and to the point. As for passing, plus:
It has carefully considered content; thorough; very well- articulated; broad and rich in depth; equal and consistent for each (addressing the task) component.
Spelling and grammar Just a few errors, not distracting to the reader No grammatical errors, the use of language in describing matter should be carefully considered & very well- articulated; broad and rich in description.
Referencing No referencing errors (Harvard UTS Reference Style) List of references is broad: covers topic well, contains a mix of articles with current state of the art

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3994 words including Diagrams and References


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