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Trimester 1, 2019
Critical Analysis of a Sport Organization
DUE DATE AND TIME: Week 12, MONDAY MAY 24TH, 2019, 11.59 PM AEST
PERCENTAGE OF FINAL GRADE: Assessment 2 (30%) & Assessment 3 (30%)
Learning Outcome Details
Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)
ULO 1: To critically examine the evolution of governance and management theory, and the application of traditional organisational theories to sport. GLO 1, 4, 5
ULO 2: To be able to demonstrate an understanding of management paradigms and theories as they relate to, and are applied to practical situations in the management of sport GLO 1, 2
ULO 3: To understand how sport organisations behave in a certain environment and how they might behave in a different set of circumstances and with different governance structures. GLO 1, 4, 5
ULO 3: To develop a framework to analyse the emergence, growth, conduct, and decline of sport organisations. GLO 1, 4, 5
Assessment Feedback: Students who submit their work by the due date will receive their marks and feedback on CloudDeakin within two weeks.
Assessment Support:
• Referencing should be in APA 6th. More information can be found here -
• You are to follow the conventions and structure of report writing. For more information
please click here -
• For tips and tricks on how to improve your oral presentations please click here -
• For general academic support in a variety of areas please click here -
Description / Requirements Assessment 1, 2 & 3
The purpose of this assignment is to apply theories, paradigms, concepts and models presented within this unit and to assist you to critically analyze a sport organization. You are to select one case organization for the trimester from the list below. Your total assessment will consist of a 7,000-word report and 15-minute recorded presentation on this case study organization that will be divided between two assessments. Your assessments should be written from the perspective of an external consultant and positioned to provide advice to your case study organization’s senior management and board of directors.
The five case study organizations available for you to select from are:
• the Australian Grand Prix Corporation;
• adidas AG;
• Gold Coast Suns FC;
• Australian Olympic Committee; and, • Sport Australia.
Assessment 1: Situational Analysis of Case Organization and its Environment
You are to assume the role of a consultant that is external to the organization. To successfully complete this assessment, you are to research your case organization (i.e. website, news articles, reports, strategic documents etc.) and apply critical thinking and analysis to your observations. Using approaches to sport organization theory, you are to support your observations with explanations that link to the unit’s content. There are four components to this task, each relating to the first four modules. This should form the basis of your report. Based on what you have learnt in your modules, use the following questions to construct your discussion, critically analyze your organization, and explain and justify your responses as appropriate.
Module 1 - Organizational Theory and Research:
1. Is your organization a ‘sport organization’? Why/why not?
2. Using Smith and Stewart’s (2010) article, what is unique about the sport industry and how does this affect your organization?
3. Using examples from your organization, explain the distinction between organizational theory and organizational behavior.
4. What are the aspects of critical thinking? How may interdisciplinary approaches help you critically analyze a problem?
Module 2 - Goals, Effectiveness and Structure:
5. Clearly define the goals of your organization.
a. Why are these goals important to the organization?
6. Given scarce resources, how does the organization resolve competing goals?
a. Discuss the differences in effectiveness and efficiency in your organization.
b. Describe two ways to measure of (1) organizational efficiency, and (2) organizational effectiveness in your organisation.
7. Provide an analysis of the level of complexity in your organizations structure.
a. What methods would you choose to manage this complexity?
b. Critically explain the tradeoffs (i.e. costs and benefits) of your choices.
c. What organizational design type best describes your organization? Why?
Module 3: Strategy & Strategic Alliances
8. Briefly describe what level and type(s) of strategy your organization utilizes given its competitive environment? Why do you think you case organization has selected this approach?
9. Using the Blue Ocean Strategy, what new (or existing) product and service would you develop?
How would this provide your organization a competitive advantage?
10. Select three potential strategic allies.
a. List 5-10 considerations you would have to make as an organization before entering into an alliance with each organization.
b. Evaluate your considerations and provide a rationale for selecting, or not selecting, whether to enter into a strategic alliance.
Module 4: Sport Organizations and Change
11. In the context of your case organization, explain change and isomorphism using DiMaggio and Powell’s (1983) coercive, normative and mimetic processes. Provide examples.
a. Critically reflect on the relationship between change and strategy in your organization.
12. Use an example to explain how organizational change has influenced the structure of the organization in the past decade?
a. Describe the paradox of change and the influence this may have on the pace, sequence and linearity in which change occurs in the organization.
b. Using an example from Q11, explain how your organization has strategically responded to an institutional pressure and the tactics it has used to do so.
Due: Friday April 19th, 2019 11:59 PM AEST
Word Count: 4000 words – a variance of 10% is acceptable, anything beyond that will incur a 3-point penalty from Presentation and Writing component of the rubric.
References: Please note a minimum of 15 academic (i.e. journal articles) references need to be included in your reference list. Referencing should be in APA 6th.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4318 words including References

Selected Topic: Adidas AG

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